The silence gets us nowhere fast.

I can think of someone far more admirable
I can think of someone far more suited
I can think of someone far more worthy
Why is it so
that I can't stop thinking about you?


Don't assume that a long-shot isn't worth a shot.


Getting laid is easy
Being loved is hard

God bless you

What would a poor student like me do without you?
Dear daddy.

Put your black shoes on

It makes me sad to remember so I'm trying to forget that
you used to make me happy.


May you always run free beneath the moons pale light.

stop thinking start doing

I'm not sure what I want. if I want it... but...
it's always better doing something than doing nothing.


In order to get over someone you need to get under someone else

Welcome to your twenties...

This is the time when you're supposed find yourself. You are supposed to get established in society. You are supposed to do something with your life.
And you think you have all the time in the world, ten years is quite some time. So you look back on the last ten years of your existance for proof. Mosts likely you find that you accomplished;
Ok, maybe you grew some tits or some beard and graduated from college (big whop). Doesn't count. Because that's what you're supposed to do. Most likely you will keep on doing what you're supposed to.
You're supposed to get a job.
You are supposed find someone to love.
And you're supposed to get rid of that restless leg syndrome, because someone told me stability and motion is a paradox.
You're supposed to adjust all premises so that when you're thirty they are all set to - happily ever after.
But most of all, this is supposed to be your glory days. This is when you're supposed to have the time of your life. This is the time for fun and happiness.
So be happy motherfucker.

Size does matter...

Best sex I've had in weeks. Tonight.
With myself.

Mr. Strauss told me...

Y o u   m i s s   1 0 0 %   o f   T h e   c h a n c e s   y o u   d o n  ' t   t a k e .

S o m e o l d l y r i c s . . .

My skin aches of hunger
I can't wait much longer
I'm thinking stolen thoughts
and breathing borrowed air
there are miles between us
but do you even care?

[...] spotlight's going down
our melody is tuning out
hangin' in there
are we living or just staying alive?

T a l k t a l k t a l k . . .

  I   t h i n k   y o u   t h i n k   t o o   m u c h . 

“Three Rules of Work:

... Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

Honesty, honestly...

A man unwilling to fIght for what he wants deserves what he will get.
And sometimes you don't know what you want, but there's only one way to find out.

T h e y   s a y   y o u   o n l y   r e g r e t   t h e   t h i n g s   y o u   d i d n ' t   d o .

Lazy adolescents....

We're literally just 5 meters away.


I dreamt that you kissed me. And it was horrible. But I still wanted you?
Just like you're being weird, but I'm still trying.
So I'm gonna stop (being an idiot).

more than 10 less than 20

Me and the wifey are trying to list the people we've slept with.
We aren't very successful.

what does it mean does it matter does it matter what it means

Behind shut doors
we're all sluts and whores
they say when you know
you know
But I feel so stupid
to dumb to show
too afraid to branch out
too numb to grow
ten thousand maybes
lined up in a row

Getting better

Been spending some time in modul8 lately. (VJ software)

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