Love should always be fearless.



So what if I still love him,
and he asks me if I want to see him.
Do I?


Stay in your skin,


Maybe if we go to sleep tonight
we won't wake up tomorrow,
so I hold on to my memorys tight
and I let go of my sorrow
if all of this was nothing but
mere a grande illusion
a result of my own eerie and
complex great delusion

and everyone I've ever known is but a projection of myself
and everything I've ever seen a reflection of what I felt
and my body was a castle yet a prison for my soul
where I was queen and captive to watch my fantasy unfold

I'll devote myself to dreams tonight
for my dreams will live forever
and when my body heaps a final sigh
my soul will finally sever

I would like to see you but I know I can't

Let's leave the past in the past,
there was a reason that it didn't last.
Let's fake a smile as we greet the future,
play pretend and act ever so secure.

Missed out on my meds ystrdy and already feel like crap

Heartbeats like a hummingbird
black sheep within a mighty herd
stressed to death yet close to sigh
abysmal down and endless high

I sometimes wish I wouldn't be like this
I wish for calm and blinding bliss


A dreamless sleep that weaves me in
and weighs me down, with threads so thin.
I wake up feeling empty still,
a human shell of velvet skin.

Letters from the sky;

One of these days the sky is gonna break and everything will escape, and I'll know...

Divine intervention,

I saved a butterfly once,
it was trapped
I know it couldn't possibly perceive me such as I perceive myself
In the same way I hope something bigger than me
soon enough will intervene

and send me back on the right track

He said it's gone,

maybe it is...

This is how I wanna feel,


But then I'm like... Whatever.

There is no magic left in this world (is there no magic left in this world?)

Maybe it was love at first sight.

Maybe I really can't let you go. Maybe you can't stop thinking of me either. Maybe we're both thinking w h a t   i f . Maybe that's why you're not talking to me, avoiding me, ignoring me, ever since you've heard ...

That I'm seeing him.
Maybe I should really hold on tight to him. Maybe I should appreciate what I've got. It's getting too serious. Maybe you don't care, maybe I'm just reading into things, like you said. Maybe I can't stop thinking about you beacuse I'm subconsciously looking for a way out of this.

Maybe it was love at first sight.
(Baby, it was love at first sight)



*art begins in imitation and it ends in innovation*

Let me sleep

Leave my dreams . Or step into reality.
And let me sleep.

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