Careless. Care. Less.

cheerios and milk

" Jag tror att vi måste bestämma oss för att vara lyckliga, se vad vi behöver för att komma dit och ta det från världen "

" I think we have to decide to be  h a p p y , see what we need to get there and then take it from the world "

- My friend Emma


And Robert Pattinson isn't even hot anymore. My whole world is falling apart.


I hate this town X. I don't think I came here looking for something, I think I came trying to leave something behind. I think I was running from something and I just realised I won't ever be able to shake it off.

why do I care?

Kind of wish I didn't, cause it fucking hurts.


The city may vary but the people never change.


I've got 4 things in my fridge.
1. Rotten banana. (If u need to recover fast and wanna get back into Viking mode)
2. Minced meat sauce (just boil some pasta and you've got an entire Viking meal)
3. Eggs. (Frie them , or don't = Viking meal.)
4. Juice (if you're mainly just a pussy).

Ps. I'm drunk. Xx


Livet är för kort,
Och alla hinder är till för att passeras.

Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar

"Do you know where you're going then?"
"No... Do you?"
"Should we go there together?"

what am I doing?

Don't leave him hanging.
Let him fall.


My fingers smell like fish. I wish there was a more fun reason for it than the fact that I actually just ate fish.

Getting in to deep...

Shit. I dreamt about you. Shit.

Hey, man...

Jag kanske romantiserar och efterkonstruerar, men jag vet att jag älskar dig. 

no regrets ?

Chocolate, cigarettes and How I met your mother.
It must be sunday.

Dear santa,

I'd like some fresh ink on my skin, some money in my pocket and
more skeletons in my closet.

Because someone to d me this is supposed to be  t h e   t i m e   o f   o u r   l i v e s .



So the feeling is mutual. But the timing is bad. And it's "complicated".
Fuck that shit. Fuck you.



Om känslan är det enda intrinsikala,
kanske man bara borde knarka ihjäl sig?

(min filosofilärare hade varit så stolt)


I just wanna fuck your brains out.

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