When you find it


a fire without an aim
is just a nomad flame
might ricochet get carried away
dance among the beams and rays
and soon enough goes all burned out
blatantly admits it's rout
but in the forest
where wilderness rules
a sense of bourne
awaiting you





There's a long journey from seeing that it works, to understanding how it works, to knowing how to work it.


So pervasive,
impossible not to perceive
far off, in the beckoning,
too indefinite to believe
Beyond all matter, space and time,
plattitudes, reason and rhyme
A silent hymn for vast old crimes
Repent you shall a thousand times

The Great Klyché

the great klyché of this disease
I'll down a pill now fuck off please


Once upon a time I thought you were the most fulfilled creature I'd ever seen inhabiting the planet Earth


Because I wasn't seeing anything else.
And for a while, I stopped looking.

In a couple of months none of this will matter,

Quote :;:

"I sometimes don't know where to go, but I still always end up somewhere"


Life is actually quite sweet. Bittersweet. Ironic. And lovely. The people you know, the people you meet, the people you'll soon encounter. The crazy things you've done, the crazy things you'll do. How it all intertwines.
Happy new years motherfuckers.

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